Blender 2.8 Add-on: Freestyle Wireframe V3

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A simple Blender 3D add-on that enables freestyle wireframe rendering on objects.

Installation Instructions:

(1) Unzip the and store the add-on in a location of your choice.

(2) In Blender goto Edit>Preferences>add-on

(3) Install the add-on, the add-on can be found in the community section > 3D View

(4) You can use the addon view the properties tab press (N)

Using the Add-on

(1) Select the object you wish to mark freestyle edges 

(2) in the properties panel, look for the tab Studio53 

(3) Click Freestyle Wireframe 

(4) Adjust the line thickness 


Version 2: UPDATE

Rest on Ground 

Centre Object

Centre Object Mass 

Select Objects

Keyframe now instantly sets LOC/ROT/SCALE 

you can view the video tutorial here:

Updated Version 3 

Added frame all / selected 

Added create camera and setup isometric view 

cleaned some of the code and added descriptions to ui buttons

Thanks OnlineRender 

I want this!


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Blender 2.8 Add-on: Freestyle Wireframe V3

71 ratings
I want this!