Blender Project Starter

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A simple blender addon that will help set up folders and save the .blend 


Automatic & Custom Folder Setup 

Make a copy of the working .blend file to selected path

Video Tutorial: 

you can find addon in the Scene Properties Tab 

Project Name: Create Working Directory 

Project Location: Location of the Main Directory

Custom Prefix: Enable a prefix on folders 

Add More Folders: adds an additional 5 folders

Checkbox with enable prefix on selected folders 

- Automatic: Set up preset folders, see preferences

.Blend Save Options 

Save Blender File - Save .blend - Add Suffix _V001, inject version number

Save in Directory 

Will save .Blend in a custom folder 

Build Project - Build the folder and save. 


Open File Location. " It's best to leave this on" will open the file browser on build.

Quick Backup Save Options

Create a copy of the working .Blend to a location 

"Great if you want to quickly backup to Dropbox" 

Automatic Setup 1 

Automatic Setup 2 

"Hit and Go" - no thinking required just set everything up and the next time you start blender, give it a project name and hit build.

Donations appreciated #newmonitorfund

Notes from author: it should work on blender 2.8+ built in 2.91 

If you need help contact me on Twitter:

if the path / directory already exists, the addon will not overwrite files and will break the operation. 

I want this!

A Blender addon for creating projects

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Blender Project Starter

41 ratings
I want this!